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Title Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program (UASIPP)
Announcement Type Special Notice
Date Posted 12/01/2017
Date Closed 01/04/2018 02:00 PM
Solicitation / Contract # DTFAWA-18-R-00001-0002
Name / Organization Gavin Byrne / AAQ-220
Region Issuing Office WA - FAA Headquarters (Washington, DC)
Phone / Email 202-267-0423 /
Set-Aside n/a
NAICS Code n/a
Classification Code A -- Research & Development
Procurement Method n/a
Region(s) of Performance Nationwide
Abstract 12/01/2017 The Interested Parties List has been updated for an additional 88 entries. The combined total including all previous (11/09-29/2017)updates, brings the total lines to 2061.

11/08/2017: The purpose of this revision is to provide Amendment #1 to SIR No. DTFAWA-18-R-00001. Redline and clean versions are attached. Changes to the SIR consist of including specific dates in paragraph 7 Milestone Schedules (Table 1) and clarifying information in paragraphs 9.3.4 and 9.3.5.

11/07/2017: The purpose of this revision is to make publicly available the first iteration (V1) of the UASIPP Interested Parties List. The list has been added as an attachment.

11/02/2017: On October 25, 2017 the President directed the establishment of the Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program (UASIPP) to test further integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS) in a select number of State, local, and tribal jurisdictions (this includes U.S. Territories and holdings).

This new pilot program encourages State, local, and tribal governments, in partnership with UAS operators and other private sector stakeholders, to conduct advanced operations safely and with public support in affected communities.  The Department Of Transportation (DOT), through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is announcing in a Federal Register Notice establishment of the UAS Integration Pilot Program, and identifies this site ( to obtain the specific instructions for requesting access to a designated portal for submitting an application (in form of a proposal) to be considered for participation in the program.

The first formal step for considering participants is the issuance of a Screening Information Request (SIR). The SIR, referred to in other Government agencies as a Request For Proposal, or RFP, is the vehicle through which the FAA will request prospective applicants to submit specific information for evaluation.  Applicants must be State, local or tribal Governments to be considered for award. Government applicants may team with industry.
The specific instructions for requesting access to the application portal are contained in the attached SIR. Applicants are required to provide their Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) number with their request for portal access. This SIR (and any future changes) will be available on the FAA Contract Opportunities Web Site (  Additional information about the SIR process including the time critical schedule (SIR Table 1) should be reviewed immediately. The schedule within the SIR will be updated with hard dates when the Federal Register Notice (FRN) is formally published. The FRN publish date is expected to be on or about November 8, 2017.

The FAA’s common acquisition process for obtaining information, evaluating, and selecting Applicants is contained in the agency’s Acquisition Management System (AMS).  The FAA will use the AMS as guidance in the SIR process for obtaining and evaluating information.  The ultimate selection for the UASIPP Lead Participants will be at the discretion, and order, of the Secretary of Transportation.

Applicants who have been selected by the Secretary will enter, under Other Transaction Authority, into Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) with the FAA.  Each MOA will set out the terms and conditions under which the respective participant conducts the pilot program. A sample MOA is provided as an attachment.

The FAA anticipates awards of five or more MOAs resulting from this Screening Information Request (SIR). The period of performance is anticipated to be for three (3) years.
The Government will not provide any funding for project performance.
Each applicant must submit a proposal in accordance with the instructions contained in the attached SIR. Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the SIR.
To be considered for award, applicants must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) and not listed on the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS).  Prospective applicants are hereby on notice that any amendment(s) issued to this solicitation will be published at under the current announcements for the FAA Headquarters.   It is the prospective applicants' responsibility to visit this website frequently for updates on this procurement. 
The FAA will not be liable for any costs associated with the preparation of responses to the SIR, nor reimburse or otherwise pay any costs incurred by any party responding to this announcement. Therefore any cost associated with responding to this announcement is solely at the respondents expense.
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