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Title Future Flight Service Program Market Survey - October 2016
Announcement Type Market Survey
Date Posted 10/31/2016
Date Closed 12/16/2016 03:00 PM
Solicitation / Contract # 25898
Name / Organization Agnes Kelly / AAQ-240
Region Issuing Office WA - FAA Headquarters (Washington, DC)
Phone / Email 202-267-0897 /
Alternate Contact
Name / Organization Patrick Weare / AAQ-240
Phone / Email 202-267-5483 /
Set-Aside n/a
NAICS Code n/a
Classification Code 99 -- Miscellaneous
Procurement Method Complex Noncommercial
Region(s) of Performance Nationwide
Abstract This Market Survey/Request for Information (RFI) is being issued in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Acquisition Management System (AMS) Policy

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently planning the release of a final Screening Information Request (SIR) in the second quarter of FY2017 for the full range of flight services to users in the Contiguous United States (CONUS), Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  The FAA intends to award a single contract from that SIR.

In advance of the final SIR release the FAA is posting this draft SIR for Industry information and comment.  The documents contained in this announcement are a result of the FAA’s consideration of Industry comments received on the previous market surveys.

The FAA is requesting potential offerors who are interested in pursuing this opportunity, in a prime contractor capacity, to submit a notice of intent to the Contracts Specialist listed below.  A notice of intent is requested whether or not comments to the draft SIR are provided to the FAA.  Failure to submit a notice of intent or respond to questions does not preclude a vendor from submitting a proposal to a future SIR.

The following is a list of draft documents contained within:
•   Section B: Schedule of Supplies and Services
•   Section C: Performance Work Statement
•   Section D: Packaging and Marking
•   Section E: Inspection and Acceptance
•   Section F: Deliveries or Performance
•   Section G: Contract Administration Data
•   Section H:  Special Contract Requirements
•   Section I:  Contract Clauses
•   Attachment J-1: Description of Services
•   Attachment J-2:  Transition Constraints
•   Attachment J-4:  Performance Requirements Summary
•   Attachment J-5: Flight Services Traffic Data
•   Attachment J-6: IRDs and System Guides
•   Attachment J-7: Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)
•   Attachment J-8: Data Item Description (DID)
•   Attachment J-9: FFSP Strategic Plan
•   Section K: Representations and Certifications
•   Section L:  Instructions, Condition, and Notices to Offerors
•   Section M:  Evaluation Factors for Award

This is a Market Survey/RFI. This is not a Screening Information Request (SIR) or Request for Offer (RFO) of any kind. Responses to this Market Survey/RFI will be used for informational purposes only.  The FAA is not seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals.  The FAA will not pay for any information received or costs incurred in preparing the response to this Market Survey/RFI. Any costs associated with this Market Survey/RFI submittal is solely at the interested vendor's expense. 


This Market Survey/RFI is a continuation in a series of announcements regarding the Future Flight Services Program (FFSP).  Since 2011, the FAA has released the following announcements related to the FFSP: 

1.   Market Survey 11279 - Industry Survey for Future Flight Service Program (FFSP) - November 2011
2.   Market Survey 11872 - Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS) - June 2012
3.   Market Survey 12393 - Future Flight Service Program (FFSP) Market Research - FAA/Industry Communication - October 2012
4.   Market Survey 14575 - Flight Service Direct (FSD) - July 2013
5.   Market Survey 23394 – Future Flight Service Program (FFSP) Market Survey/Request for Information – January 2016

The purpose of this Market Survey/RFI is to:

•   Assess market interest and capabilities to satisfy the requirements for the FFSP
•   Solicit industry feedback on the FFSP Draft SIR and FAA questions


Currently, FAA flight services throughout the United States are delivered by a combination of the systems and contract vehicles identified below. All the contracts provide services in accordance with FAA Order JO 7110.10 Flight Services.

1.   The Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) contract (DTFAWA-05-C-00031), with Lockheed Martin Corporation, provides the full range of flight services to users in the CONUS, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  The contract provides certified Flight Service Specialists who deliver preflight, inflight and flight data services to users via telephone and radios.  Lockheed Martin provides personnel, equipment and facilities for flight services under the AFSS contract.  The FAA provides Lockheed Martin with access to and use of its air-to-ground radio and telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate inflight communications.

2.   The Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS) II contracts (DTFAWA-15-C-00035 and DTFAWA-15-C-00036), with CSC Government Solutions (CSC) and Lockheed Martin Corporation, provides users with internet-based preflight services (self-briefings and flight plan filing) without the aid of flight service specialists.  

3.   The Operational and Supportability Implementation System (OASIS) II contract (DTFAWA-15-C-00006), with Harris Corporation, provides an automation system for the Alaska flight service facilities that enables FAA flight service specialists to provide weather briefing and flight planning assistance to general aviation pilots, as well as, emergency services, law enforcement support, regulatory information and other services.


FFSP Objectives
The FAA’s Future Flight Services Program (FFSP) vision is to transform and modernize the delivery of flight services. The FAA believes that costs can be reduced by focusing on changing user behavior and migrating to automated, self-assisted service delivery models, while still maintaining quality of service and safety. 

Through FFSP, the FAA seeks to create a long-term contract vehicle and establish relationships with the Service Provider, industry and user groups to better position the agency to take advantage of user behavior changes and improved technology.
Together, government and industry will work to realize three strategic goals:
1.   Reduce the FAA cost to provide Flight Service, with a target reduction over 65%.
2.   Encourage the use of technology, industry best practices, and authoritative flight data accessed through SWIM to improve efficiency and quality of service delivery.
3.   Facilitate and gain stakeholder acceptance of changes in Flight Service delivery.

  Planned Acquisition Strategy

The FAA intends to conduct a competition and award a single contract.  The FFSP contract will replace the existing AFSS and DUATS II contracts. The FAA Draft SIR is structured to allow maximum flexibility to adapt to changing conditions to meet user needs.    The FFSP Draft SIR will:

•   Require the Service Provider to provide all facilities, equipment, and personnel to perform preflight, in-flight, and flight data services.
•   Utilize a contract structure(s) that allows for the modification and/or phased elimination of services with associated cost adjustments over the life of the contract. 
•   Utilize a contract structure(s) to incentivize continuous improvement, the integration of new technologies, service optimization, and cost savings/sharing opportunities.
•   Allow for commercial revenue opportunities (e.g., advertising) if there are cost savings benefits to the Government.

Although, the FAA anticipates the OASIS II (automation platform only) requirement to be incorporated in the scope of the FFSP SIR, the FAA does not intend to replace OASIS at contract award.


The FAA requests Industry comments on the FFSP Draft SIR. The FAA also requests Industry response to the questions below. 

1.   The FAA seeks feedback on the CLIN Structure and Type and Incentive/Award fee provisions. Please discuss whether the Draft SIR will allow the FAA to achieve the stated objectives and the vendor to implement its business model.  Do the Incentive/Award fee provisions reward innovation and drive increased use of technology? Please provide any recommended changes to the CLIN Structure, CLIN Type, or Incentive /Award fee provisions, along with the reasoning behind the recommendations. 
2.   The FAA recognizes user behavioral change is uncertain, however significant change has occurred over the last ten (10) years which is expected to continue.  Please provide any recommended changes to the SIR that will allow the FAA and the Service Provider to realize benefit from additional behavior change and/or improvements in technology.
3.   Please discuss any concerns you have relative to the affordability profile presented in Section L.17. Please discuss, conceptually, suggestions of how a pay down schedule of non-recurring costs could be structured.
4.   Please discuss if and when a 65% reduction in FAA Operation Cost is achievable.  If the government’s affordability profile were increased, would the increase impact your ability to achieve the FAA’s cost reduction objectives?  Please explain.
5.   Please identify any requirements in the Draft SIR that you believe may drive a higher cost or a delay to transition. Please provide your suggestions for alternate requirements. 
6.   Are the transition requirements and the transition constraints sufficient for you to develop the transition plan?
7.   Please provide any suggestions for the test program requirements including the appropriate level of rigor for this service while not creating delay and/or excessive cost.
8.   Do the FAA Security requirements constrain your solution or hinder the ability to achieve the stated FAA cost reduction objectives?  Please discuss the specific security controls that will constrain your solution.  Please discuss any specific recommendations you have to address the stated concerns.
9.   Do you recommend changes to or additional Acceptable Performance Levels (APL)? Will the APLs ensure performance is met?  Do the APLs affect your ability to innovate or the ability to meet the FAA’s stated objectives?  Based on your experience with call centers, what are your recommended APLs on measurements such as utilization and occupancy?  Are there other APLs that should be considered?
10.   Please provide recommendations for specifying service availability.  Please provide any recommendations for specifying operational contingency.
11.   Please provide any recommendations for additional flexibility in the contract structure. 
12.   The FAA is considering implementation of a Centralized Flight Planning service. Please discuss any impacts of this service to your proposed solution and/or business model.
13.   Please provide any specific orders, policy and/or guidance changes that you recommend the FAA consider and describe how the change to the order, policy and/or guidance will impact your proposed solution and the FAA’s FFSP acquisition objectives. 
14.    The FAA has provided additional transactional data in the Draft SIR.  Does the transactional data provided in the Draft SIR provide enough information for you to develop your solution and proposal?
15.   What would be the impact to your solution and cost proposal if the FAA were to require additional workload data such as time spent on discrete transactions (e.g. flight plans, standard briefings, etc. per call), and pilot metrics.
16.   The Service Contract Act (SCA) will apply to the FFSP acquisition.  SCA wage rates for Flight Service Specialist (FSS) were reviewed on numerous occasions by the Department of Labor (DOL) and in a May 21, 2007 Decision, the DOL concluded that issuance of a specialized SCA wage determination to cover the FSS working on the current AFSS contract was appropriate.

The job category currently listed in the Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations, 29000 Technical Occupations, 29011 Air Traffic Control Specialist – Station, is the minimum wage established by the DOL:

“Wage and Hour Division (WHD)
Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations
29011 Air Traffic Control Specialist, Station
Receives and transmits flight plans, meteorological, navigational, and other information in air traffic control station to perform preflight and emergency service for airplane pilots: Accepts flight plans from pilots in person or by telephone and reviews them for completeness. Routes plans for operating under instrument flight rules to control center and for operating under visual flight rules to station in vicinity of destination airport, using radio, teletype, radiotelephone, radiotelegraph, telephone, or interphone. Provides meteorological, navigational, and other information to pilots during flight, using radio. Relays traffic control and other instructions concerned with aircraft safety to pilots. Radios such information as identifying landmarks, beacons and available landing fields to pilots in flight. Maintains file of plans for operating under visual flight rules until completion of flight, and contacts facilities along route of flight to secure information on overdue aircraft. Reports lost aircraft to control center for rescue or local emergency services. Monitors such radio aids to navigation as range stations, fan markers and voice communication facilities, and notifies air personnel of availability of these facilities. Maintains written records of messages transmitted and received.”

The minimum wages paid to employees under the incumbent contract are governed by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO and the incumbent contractor, Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions-Civil. 

Please submit all questions and comments to the FAA using the attached Question/Comment Response Form (Attachment A).

Please submit all questions and comments to the FAA by the deadline specified in this announcement. Vendors must provide written responses. If the FAA determines one-on-one meetings will add value to the process, the FAA may elect to conduct meetings with some or all respondents at its sole discretion.


Submissions must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Office format, Times Roman Font size 12.  If submissions are posted in portable document file (PDF) format, a Microsoft Word version of the responses must also be provided.  All responses to this Market Survey/RFI must be in writing.  Submissions must be posted to a FAA SharePoint site that will be provided upon request from each vendor. Vendors must contact Agnes Kelly (via email: to request a unique SharePoint site URL, username, and password in order to upload their submissions. Submissions must be posted to the section of each vendor’s SharePoint site entitled “Vendor Submittal. “All submissions must be posted by 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time on December 16, 2016.  Submissions must include company point(s) of contact, title(s), telephone number(s), e-mail address(es), and mailing address.  

Responses will not be returned.  The FAA intends to utilize information provided in response to this Market Survey/RFI in finalizing the FFSP Final SIR.  Any proprietary or confidential information contained in the market survey submissions should be appropriately marked. 

Please direct any inquiries regarding this Market Survey/RFI to Agnes Kelly at

Alternate contact:  Patrick Weare at

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