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Title Notice of Award_DTFAWN-15-R-00120: Re-issue of Grand Canyon Duplex Housing
Announcement Type Award
Date Posted 07/28/2015
Date Closed 08/04/2015 05:00 PM
Solicitation / Contract # DTFAWN-15-R-00120-0004
Name / Organization darren odegard / aaq-530
Region Issuing Office WS - Western Logistics Service Area (Northwest Mountain)
Phone / Email 425-227-1551 /
Set-Aside n/a
NAICS Code 236116 -- New Multifamily Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)
Classification Code 99 -- Miscellaneous
Procurement Method Complex Noncommercial
Region(s) of Performance WS - Western Logistics Service Area (Western Pacific)
Abstract *****************Notice of Award July 28, 2015*****************

Award was made to Koo Design-build of Scottsdale Arizona, in the amount of $1,085,100.00. Award was made to the lowest Priced Technically Acceptable Offer in accordance with Sections L and M of the RFO.

Amendment 3: Posted 5/29/2015

Amendment 2: POsted 5/27/2015

Amendment 001: Posted 5/14/2015

*********This RFO is open to ALL interested Businesses regardless of size************

Re-issue of Grand Canyon Duplex Housing, initially offered under RFO DTFAWN-15-R-00103

Please note submission requirements in Sectio L, L001

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a Project for the construction of duplex housing units at the Grand Canyon Airport, in Tusayan, AZ. The Project will be done according to FAA Specifications.

Deadline for Submission of Offers is TUESDAY JUNE 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM  PDST.

NOTICE TO BIDDERS:  If you are accessing this Solicitation by any other means (such as FedBizOps, Dodge Reports, Construction Monitor, etc) than the FAA Contract Opportunities website ( you are not guaranteed accurate and up to date Solicitation Information.  FAACO.FAA.GOV is the ONLY reliable source for information regarding FAA Projects advertised for bid.
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