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Title Terminal Flight Data Management (TFDM) DTFAWA-13-R-00013 (Special Notice)
Announcement Type Special Notice
Date Posted 02/21/2014
Date Closed 02/21/2020 05:00 PM
Solicitation / Contract # 15857
Name / Organization Leslie Fisher / AAQ-240
Region Issuing Office WA - FAA Headquarters (Washington, DC)
Phone / Email 202-493-5943 /
Set-Aside n/a
NAICS Code 541330 -- Engineering Services
Classification Code D -- Information technology services, including telecommunications services
Procurement Method Complex Noncommercial
Region(s) of Performance WA - FAA Headquarters (Washington, DC)

This announcement is based upon the following:
In August 2012, the TFDM Program was re-scoped by the FAA Joint Resources Council (JRC). The re-scoping was initiated to address specific capabilities and address certain operational benefits. These new changes seriously affect program requirements and the acquisition.  As a result, in an effort to continue to provide transparency and solicit input from vendors and stakeholders affected by the forthcoming acquisition, the TFDM Program Office has decided to release new TFDM program information and documentation to industry.
In addition to the release of new TFDM program information and documentation, the TFDM Program has also decided to release early draft program operational and engineering documentation that was developed during the program’s initial prototype and concept engineering phase. To be clear, the release of this dated information and documentation (i.e. TBFM/TFMS/TFDM Operational Analysis, ARMT/SMA Operational and Functional Analysis, TFDM Metroplex Site Analysis) does not have any bearing on the current program and acquisition. 

Current, relevant, and updated program documentation and information for release includes the TFDM Initial Program Requirements Document (IPRD), and the TFDM Concept of Operations.
Attachments Attachment Symbol ARMT and SMA Operational and Functional Analysis Draft v2 0 (.pdf)     (4.82 MB)
Attachment Symbol CONSOLIDATED TFDM_TFMS_TBFM Integration OV-6Cs 2012-10-17 Ver1.0 (.pdf)     (1.77 MB)
Attachment Symbol Initial Program Requirements Document - iPRD - (Final) (.pdf)     (2.19 MB)
Attachment Symbol iPRD-AJM-22-13-001 (Final) (.pdf)     (3.29 MB)
Attachment Symbol TFDM ConOps - FINAL (.pdf)     (3.92 MB)
Attachment Symbol TFDM Metroplex Sites Analysis Meeting (DRAFT) (.pdf)     (565 KB)