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checkmark   original DTFAEN-12-R-00037-11757 04/30/2012 00:00 AM
original DTFAEN-12-R-00037 04/17/2012 00:00 AM
Title Janitorial Services, Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), Covington, Kentucky
Announcement Type Award
Date Posted 04/30/2012
Date Closed 07/30/2012 12:00 AM
Solicitation / Contract # DTFAEN-12-R-00037-11757
Name / Organization Tracie Harris / AAQ-510
Region Issuing Office EN - Eastern Logistics Service Area (Southern)
Phone / Email 404-305-5779 /
Set-Aside n/a
NAICS Code n/a
Classification Code n/a
Procurement Method Complex Noncommercial
Region(s) of Performance n/a
Abstract Solicitation No. DTFAEN-12-R-00037 for Janitorial Services at the Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), Covington, Kentucky.

A contract was awarded on July 2, 2012 to Unique Cleaning Service, Inc., 1355 Terrell Mill Road, Building 1482, Suite 200, Marietta, Georgia 30067 in the amount of $6,677.00 per month for a total of $13,354.00 (base year).

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Attachment Symbol DTFAEN-12-R-00037 - Specifications and Preformance Requirements (.pdf)     (3.09 MB)
Attachment Symbol DTFAEN-12-R-00037 - Wage Rate Determination (.pdf)     (2.49 MB)
Attachment Symbol DTFAEN-12-R-00037 - Business Declaration Form (.pdf)     (182 KB)
Attachment Symbol DTFAEN-12-R-00037 - Past Performance Survey (.pdf)     (691 KB)