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Title Quality Assurance Division Market Survey
Announcement Type Market Survey
Date Posted 11/08/2010
Date Closed 11/29/2010 12:00 AM
Solicitation / Contract # DTFAWA-11-R-00034
Name / Organization Tanyka Lawrence / AJA-482
Region Issuing Office WA - FAA Headquarters (Washington, DC)
Phone / Email 202-267-7802 /
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Procurement Method Commercial/Simplified
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Abstract Points of Contact:  Tanyka L. Lawrence, Contract Specialist (
             Rodney Magee, Contracting Officer (

This market survey advertisement is posted in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Acquisition Management System Policy 3.2.1


The Flight Standards System Quality Assurance Staff (AFS-40) is an independent AFS headquarters organization established for the purpose of validating the effectiveness of core systems and processes within the Flight Standards Service.  This is accomplished by conducting audits and analyzing the audit results.  AFS-40 audit results are provided directly to the Director of Flight Standards Service and are used as a basis for making strategic and tactical decisions with regard to Flight Standards Service's major systems and processes.  Many of these audit activities require intense inspector preparation and involvement.  To add to this workload, AFS-40 is also as the focal point for maintaining the AFS ISO 9001:2000 registration in support of AVS - ISO registration. As focal point, AFS-40 duties include preparation of the AFS field and HQ offices for a external audits, oversee CARs/PARs/NCRs system (QMITS) and providing assistance with Quality Management System (QMS) issues and questions.  AFS-40 has also been tasked with assisting other FAA offices in "Leaning" their processes to identify waste and overages. These duties have also brought additional program support needs.  Many technical and data related activities have been added to AFS-40 work in support of the audit and ISO functions.


AFS-40's role as the ISO focal point, Lean focal point  as well as a full audit schedule, places the office in the precarious position of needing to ensure that all processes used, conform to ISO 9001:2000 standards, software used with the ISO process is supported and sufficient support is provided to all other AFS-40 projects. Also the increased demand on the staff to support Lean activities has spread a small staff even thinner. The increased need for technical software support has created the need for adhoc programming support and technical expertise in the Glen Burnie Office and Washington DC offices.  This expertise is currently not available from the current staff.   Therefore, it is necessary that AFS-40 to contract to provide technical/writing/document/programming support.  The need for two Lean quality assurance specialists with statistical backgrounds has also been identified.


The contractor must provide the necessary labor, and services to support the AFS-40 office in their daily governmental duties.  This support must include an Administrative Technical Assistant III, two Technical Writer II, Document Processor, Senior Software Programmer I, Lean Quality Assurance Specialist I and Lean Quality Assurance Specialist II who must provide assistance to current staff in technical writing, programming and product support.

C.4-1 The Administrative Technical Assistant III duties include:

•   Maintain detailed QMS activity logs
•   Provide answers to inquiries from the QMS Helpdesk or other AVS personnel or directs them to the appropriate personnel to solve their issue.
•   Guide users through the use of AVS QMITS.  Assisting with input and update process.  Must assist the QMS Management Representative in managing QMITS for AFS.
•   Assist in coordinating revisions to QMS procedures with team leads and offices.
•   Provide user id support for QMITS.
•   Review information for inclusion in new or existing QMS web pages.
•   Develop pages for upload to AFS ISO QMS and AFS-40 web site by sending the developed pages to test server for the AVS web and software developers for up load to the production server and assist in corrections/redesigns as needed.
•   Assist with testing new QMITS software upgrades and enhancements.
•   Develop and maintain selected AFS-40 Sharepoint sites.
•   Provide support for Sharepoint software that includes updating and loading documents on to site and providing general technical support as needed.
•   Support the Sharepoint ISO web sites by programming needed changes as they come up.
•   Create guidance material for both Sharepoint and QMITS systems
•   Prepare, update and review documents and correspondence for conformance with policies and formats for senior management.
•   Provide general QMITS user support and training by answering questions from users, developing the training when needed.
•   Assist program managers by attending meetings related to areas that the contractor is working on.
•   Work on Preventive Action/Corrective Action Project Group (PACA) with the AFS representative.
•   Retrieve information from the Internet/Intranet for senior management as is related to the contractor's duties.
•   Provide quality assurance to data and/or documents maintained by AFS-40.
•   Develop presentations and reports to support program managers.

C.4-2   The Technical Writer II duties include:

•   Maintaining revisions and new procedures for the QMS and files signed hard copies of procedures.
•   Assist in development of documents and articles to promote AFS programs.  Drafting processes and programs following ISO standards.
•   Maintain reporting, record keeping, quality control associated with organizational marking goals and initiatives. Developing presentation material as needed.
•   Assist in documenting research and analysis of AFS programs dealing with AFS Lean, Flight Standards Evaluation Program (FSEP), Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) and Quality Management System (QMS).
•   Assist in writing documents needed for quarter management reviews, working with analysts to provide document integrity.  From these documents develop papers for presentation to upper management.
•   Assist in developing presentations and reports to support program managers.
•   Participate with government counterpart in internal and external meetings to ensure feedback is incorporated into office articles and publications.
•   Prepare written replies of routine and on-going issues regarding program updates.
•   Maintain a budget tracking system for all travel vouchers enter all travel information into BOSS.

C.4-3   The Document Processor duties include:

•   Maintaining office filing system.
•   Prepare audit closeout letters and mails them to the appropriate FAA Regional and Office Managers, and Points of Contacts after the close out of an audit.
•   Prepare lists of needed supplies and maintains inventory of office supplies for Glen Burnie location.
•   Enter audit packages into audit SharePoint site.
•   Enter audit data into a Microsoft Access database including edit, consolidate, proof material and make corrections as required.
•   Create PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents as necessary to support audit data
•   Assist in maintaining auditor lists and must call auditors to confirm information
•   Prepare and mails out audit training certificates, Letters of appreciation , award letters, audit prospectus and other various correspondence regarding audit program
•   Maintain audit curriculum outline
•   Prepare AFS-40 Orientation FSEP training packages as needed.
•   Participate in testing of software changes and upgrades.
•   Update audit tables in Access as needed.
•   Receive and distributes mail.
•   Prepare air bill and send out any FedEx/express items. 
•   Reserve conference rooms in government facilities or works with the Budget Official to procure needed conference/training space.  Oversees administrative preparation for meetings and training (i.e. supplies identified, room set-up, notification to attendees, etc.).
•   Sets up telecons with HQ and field that include getting all phone numbers and pass codes, then sending the information to attendees.
•   Maintain Lotus Notes specialized mailing lists and must be able to send messages as needed (AFS must provide training if needed).
•   Assist administrative technical assistant III when needed.
•   Assist office staff in maintaining equipment inventory in both AFS-40 locations on a computer
•   Receive telephone calls and greets visitors, referring them to appropriate personnel.  Takes accurate messages for callbacks at Glen Burnie location, as necessary.
•   Work with local personnel at Glen Burnie office to maintain an office calendar of all AFS-40 personnel activities and their locations.  Must be able to locate an audit or staff member on short notice, based on the calendar and lists maintained.
•   Prepare minutes of weekly meetings and other meetings as needed.
•   Attend audit meetings in support of data work.

C.4-4   The Senior Software Programmer I duties include:

•   Create guidance material for AFS QMS business workflows based on business specifications developed by AFS-40.
•   Assist in programming those identified QMS business workflows in QMITS based on business specifications developed by AFS-40.
•   Create new forms and modify existing forms in support of the AFS-40 Job Aid Tool using MS Visual Studio and SQL 2005.
•   Provide support and training for Sharepoint software that includes updating and loading documents on to site, setting up passwords and providing general technical support as needed (AFS must provide detail training).
•   Create/modify tables in MS SQL  in support of the AFS-40 Job Aid Tool
•   Updates office web pages as needed
•   Provide support in updating changes to the job aids in the automated job aid tool.
•   Assist program managers by attending meetings related to areas that assistant is work on.
•   Assists office staff in retrieving information from the Internet/Intranet.
•   Assist with any quality assurance that needs to be applied to data and or documents maintained by AFS-40.
•   Extract and format information from many sources to support data analysis in preparation of audits and special studies.

C.4-5   Lean quality assurance specialists I duties include:

•   Support the development of tools to be used during Lean workshops.
•   Draft, edit and design all Lean reports, correspondence, marketing materials and workshop supplements (HO, resource sheets, and templates).
•   Create and revise Lean curriculum design for current and future product offerings.
•   Read and review new lean literature for content and value for possible incorporation into the Lean Library
•   Maintain all Lean for Regulators (LFR) files
•   Create all graphic designs for Lean that includes Visio mapping, PowerPoint slides and Publisher brochures
•   Responsible for maintaining Lean inventory of supplies
•   Prepare all Lean workshop kits
•   Design and update LFR Sharepoint site. This includes managing users (adding or removing) responding to user requests, update calendar, responsible for site content, layout and messaging.
•   Work with other contractors to answer their request or inquiries
•   Facilitate application of Lean methodologies and techniques at various locations.
•   Prepare written replies of routine and on-going issues regarding program updates.
•   Provide program monitoring and analysis of program accomplishments
•   Participate in internal and external meetings to ensure feedback is incorporated into project designs.
•   Coordinate activities to streamline and improve efficiency and customer service within the organization by reviewing all program documents and assisting program mangers to improve their programs.
•   Provide continual updates to project team members
•   Assist in Lean workshops by doing slide presentations and taking notes.

C.4-6 Lean quality assurance specialists II duties include:

•   Ensure team collaboration, consensus and participation to develop and create product oriented outcomes that add value to the process both during workshops and individual consultation.
•   Apply statistical models using advanced techniques to provide interpretation and inferential analysis.
•   Be able to expertly analysis and evaluate an organizational processes and data to develop practical, executable decision support tools.
•   Provide program monitoring and analysis of program accomplishments.
•   Work in team environment to support mentor and provide direction on application of statistical methods to create metric data.
•   Identify site specific requirements and assures compliance with agency standards.
•   Flag deviations and evaluates and resolves problems quickly.
•   Participate in internal and external meetings to ensure feedback is incorporated into project designs.
•   Provide continual updates to project team members
•   Initiate correspondence/meetings
•   Assist with workshops as needed.

C.5 Locations

Services must be performed on Government or contractor premises, or as otherwise directed by and for the convenience of the Government.  Work performed on government premises must be conducted primarily at the AFS-40 office at 898 Airport Park Rd, Glen Burnie MD 21061 or at AFS-40 office at 490 L'Enfant Plaza Washington DC 20024.

AFS-40 Staff personnel may assign specific tasks and define the proper procedures for performance of certain tasks completed by contract employee IAW FAA regulations.  At no time must a FAA employee supervise contract personnel.

Some travel maybe expected of the contractors.

Performance Period

It is anticipated that the duration of this contract including the exercise of any options is from the date of contract award through 31 March 2016.

Government Points Of Contact
Questions regarding this market survey should be made electronically to Tanyka L. Lawrence, Contract Specialist, Headquarters/Business and Acquisition Organization via email only to

Company Points Of Contact

For informational purposes, responders should include a company Point(s) of Contact with telephone number(s), FAX telephone number(s), E-mail address (es) and mailing addresses (es).

Requirements for Responses

All responses to this market survey should address demonstrable, direct and recent experience and capabilities in the areas listed above under the Scope of Work/Capabilities.  Recent experience is that which was obtained after January 2005; experience earlier than this date will not be regarded as recent.  Responses containing only company brochures, catalogs, or other types of generic information will not be considered an adequate response to this market survey.

If a response is not submitted via this Market Survey, bids on any upcoming Request for Offer (RFO) or Screening Information Request (SIR) will not be accepted.

Submission Format

Submission Structure

Your response to this market survey should follow the format and submission requirements outlined below:

I.  Scope of the Organization's Prior Work
Provide a concise description of the work the organization has previously done in each of the areas described under SCOPE OF WORK AND CAPABILITIES, of this announcement.  When you address your recent and relevant experience, you should also include the following:

(a)  Description of work performed
(b)  Contract number
(c)   Identification of the government or commercial entity for whom work was performed (identify all work performed as a subcontractor).
(d)  Name, title and telephone number of the Government Contracting Officer and the   Government Technical Representative (or equivalent points of contact, for non government experience and;
(e)  Information sufficient to enable FAA to contract the respondent, including name, title, address and telephone number of an authorized representative of the respondent.
(f)  Identification of any specific FAA experience

II. The Organization's Technical Qualifications and Capabilities

Provide a description of the organization's qualifications and capabilities in each of the areas described under SCOPE OF WORK AND CAPABILITIES.

III. The Organization's Business Qualifications and Capabilities
Provide a description of the organization's qualifications and capabilities in each of the areas described under SCOPE OF WORK AND CAPABILITIES.  You should also provide the following information:
(a)  Small, small disadvantaged, woman-owned or small disadvantaged veteran-owned business;
(b)  GSA Schedule Contract Number if the company is a GSA Schedule Holder
(c)  Whether you have an approved purchasing system

Format            Quantity            Address

Electronic (email)      1

Hard Copies         1 original   Federal Aviation Administration
            1 copy      800 Independence Avenue, SW
                  Room 406
                  Washington, DC 20591
                  Attn:  Tanyka L. Lawrence 
                  Contract Specialist
NOTES:  The hard copy must not exceed 15 pages in length.  The electronic submission and the hard copies must be identical.  The electronic submission should be in MS WORD format.  No oral submissions will be accepted.  The Government will confirm receipt of submissions.  No telephonic inquiries will be accepted.


All responses to this Market Survey must be submitted to the above addresses no later than 4:00 P.M. (EST) on November 29, 2010.


This announcement is not intended to guarantee procurement of the services described and must not be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into a contract.

The Government is not liable for any cost associated with the preparation and submittal of responses for this Market Survey.  Additionally the Government will not reimburse any firm or individual for cost incurred in responding to this Market Survey.



1   Name of Firm:
Tax Identification No.:
2   Address of Firm:       

3   a. Telephone Number of Firm:       
        b. Fax Number of Firm:       

4   a.  Name of Person Making Declaration       

   b. Telephone Number of Person Making Declaration       

   c.  Position Held in the Company       

5   Controlling Interest in Company  ("X" all appropriate boxes)
   0 a. Black American   0 b. Hispanic American   0 c. Native American   0 d. Asian American    0 e. Other Minority (Specify)
        0 f.  Other (Specify)    0 g. Female   0 h. Male   0 i. 8(a)
        Certified (Certification letter attached  0 j. Service Disabled Veteran Small Business

6   Is the person identified in Number 4 above, responsible for day-to-day management and policy decision making, including but not limited to financial and management decisions?
   0 a. Yes   0 b. No   (If "NO," provide the name and telephone number of the person who has this authority.)

7   Nature of Business (Specify  all services/products (NAIC))       

8   (a) Years the firm has been in business          
        (b) No. of Employees       

9   Type of Ownership:  0 a. Sole Ownership 0 b. Partnership

   0 c.  Other (Explain)
10.   Gross receipts of the firm for the last three years:   a.1.  Year  Ending:     b.1.  Gross Receipts   a.2.  Year Ending: b.2.   Gross Receipts    
a.3.  Year Ending: b.3.  Gross Receipts       

11.   Is the firm a small business?   0 a. Yes   0 b.  No

12.   Is the firm a service disabled veteran owned small business?   0 a. Yes      0 b.  No

13.   Is the firm a socially and economically disadvantaged small business?    0 a. Yes     0 b.  No



14.  a. Signature       
     b. Date:       

     c. Typed Name       
     d. Title:       

OMB Control Number 2120-0595                 FAA Template Number 61 (rev 08/08)

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